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Vampire Hunter

I've decided to write a Vampire Hunter comic book short story. I'm going to work on it slowly, here is the first page. It still needs coloring and lettering.

Vampire Hunter Apple River 01

I liked my vampire hunter so much I decided to give him another go. I hope you can see improvement from my first attempt. I think the color scheme is better suited to the subject matter. Obviously inspired by Mike Mignola, I hope you like it.

Vampire Hunter pinup

Below is the first pinup I created for two reasons. First to try out the new bristol drawing pad I picked up this weekend.

Second, to try my hand a little digital coloring. I've been learning from videos by Jason Brubaker, Here is his excellent Youtube video on flatting

Here it is in black and white and in color.

Vampire Hunter sharpening stakes

Vampire Hunter sharpening stakes